PTSA/SHSEF Partnership

Sequoia’s Parent-Teacher Student Association (PTSA) and SHSEF work closely together to ensure there are enough “hands” and “funds” to support community-building, family-strengthening and students’ academic enrichment and success at our school.

PTSA provides the “Hands”

PTSA volunteers organize and run many valuable and enriching activities for Sequoia parents, teachers and staff, such as:  Freshmen Orientation, Mini-Grants, Teacher Appreciation, New Teacher Welcome Baskets, Graduation Activities, Reflections Art Contest, International Festival, Junior Scholarships, IB Exam proctoring and the Student Directory.

The PTSA invites every family to become a member (just $15/person!) and to participate in strengthening our wonderful community by volunteering. Visit the PTSA Website to join and sign up to volunteer!







LabQuest tables in the physics department

SHSEF provides the “Funds”

To enable the PTSA to focus on staffing and running these  activities, the SHSEF provides funds for all PTSA budget items not covered by membership fees. This amounts to $20,000 annually. So giving to SHSEF is actually benefiting both organizations!

Your feedback is important to us!

What programs are important to you?  Campus visits?  Technology in the classroom?  Reduced Class Sizes?  Let us know! As part of our strategic planning process, we would like your input.  Please click here to take our Community Survey.